Affiliate Program

Are you interested in making some extra money?

Help promote and spread the word about e-Girl with friends, family, followers and get 10% commission CASH (Paypal. Don't have one? Easily sign up for a free account by clicking HERE) on every sale! For example, with no hard effort, you can just keep the link in your social media profiles/bios or post about it on your social medias!
How it works:Anyone who clicks your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase within 24 hours of clicking it, you will be rewarded 10% commission of the sale! It's that simple.
Sign up by clicking here:
If you are also interested in getting free items sign up for our SPONSORSHIP program by clicking here:


What is the difference between the AFFILIATE program and SPONSORSHIP program?

  • Affiliate program = YOU get 10% commission from purchases made from people clicking your affiliate  link.
  • Sponsorship program = YOU get a free item of choice EVERY five sales made from people using your sponsorship  discount code.
  • Both programs can be done at the same time.



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